Wednesday, January 29, 2003

First For The New Year

Not that I really care about "new" year. Celebrating arbitary denominations of time is assilly as, well, something really silly.. but people seem to take it as an excuse to party, so eh.

My mates are getting into a whole big blogging thing (see the links section for links) so I felt guilty about not updating.. so here I am.

The only real update of note is that I've got around to making a list of the CDs(LPs and EPs, not SP / singles) I've purchased in the last 6 years. There's about 130 of em there, for atotal of soemthing like AU$3800 spent on them. That's a a lot of money. I'm not writingup CDs I got before ~1997 coz I had really shit taste then. Except for Smashing Pumpkins,Pearl Jam, Metallia, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine. I was an angry teenager.

Oh yeah, I've been roped into Tutor Network Planning and Management by my thesis supervisor.I really should make sure I'm up to date on OMNet++, else all sorts of hijinks will ensue.

And FireFly got cancelled. Fox sucks ass. Joss rules. Season 7 of Buffy is going well. If this is thelast, money is on Kennedy being the next slayer.. after Faith dies, of course..

Time to get back to work. Yay me!