Tuesday, April 15, 2003


And the war is over. Well, not officially anyways.. but in all but name. That was quick. Not sure what to total casualty count was, but I saw 118 US dead, plus 4 MIA. The UK was 31. No figures on civilian casualties, of course. Probably in the 100's to 1000's. Nothing on the Iraqi soldiers either. The rebuilding of the country sure will be interesting. Much problems there.

Onto other, more happy stuff. I'm the latest crazy fan of The Delgados. Heard them a few times on the js.. then Mark R from work leant me "The Great Eastern". I was blown away, to say the least. I ordered "Great Eastern" and the previous album "Peleton" (these kids like their cycling, huh?). I'm waiting to get the newy "Hate" which also sounds very cool. I also have a review of "Aerogramme" who are signed to The Delgados label, Chemikal Underground. More power to em, I say. Good to see indies doing well.

I downloaded (yeah, I'm naughty) and watched the latest Dune miniseries from the Sci-Fi Channel in the US, Children of Dune. It was damn fine. Very, very good. The series was an amalgamation of "Dune Messiah" and "Children of Dune", but the story (by John Harrison) was done very well. Possibly a bit confusing and boring for people not familiar with the Dune story, but hey, that's not me.

As with the last miniseries, the production design was breathtaking. The costumes, the sets, the CGI was all good. The worms looked incredible. I still wished that they did Leto's sand trout "still suit" properly, IIRC it was meant to cover his whole body in a silver-gray suit, not just bits of it. But that's a minor point. Also, the music (score by Brian Tyler) was just brilliant. I'm definately getting the score CD, from the US if it doesn't go on sale here.. Harrison didn't direct this series, but new director Greg Yaitanes really does a great job. The DOP (can't remember who) was also really good, some of the sets (the throne room on Dune in particular) was just lit and shot briliantly. Created a real sense of space.. plus the outside shots of the very Pathanon-esque palace were amazing.

Onto the cast. More superlatives here. :) Everyone was superb, but special note of Alec Newman as the older, wiser and tired Emperor, and as the desert preacher. Also Daniela Amavia as Alia was just simply stunning. She could have just stood there and I would have watched. But she played Alia's fall from grace and eventual madness so beautifully... Edward Atterton (Atherton Wing from Firefly!!!!) and Alice Krige were agreat additions to the cast. Julie Cox as Irulan contibnued to amaze, playing Irulan with such sympathy, sadness and determination. Of course, the twins were great, James McAvoy and Jessica Brooks as Leto II and Ghanima really did justice to thier roles. Only sadness is that they won't be in the next Dune series (if they make it, but since this one did really well.. who knows?) coz in 3,500 years Leto the God Emperor will be a worm, and Ghani long dead. Least Atterton will be there as the Idaho ghola.. "Children" makes me so sad.. :(. I'm a big sook. :)

Anyways, I've stil got a whole heap of books to get through (not including the Dune stuff which I MUST re-read now). I got Brunner's "Stand On Zanzibar" after countless recommendations from my friends, and the bookstore owner.. Plus I have a bunch of Iain M Banks, the new one by Sarah Douglass "Hades' Daughter", Heinlein's "Time Enough For Love" AND a whole bunch of George RR Martin stuff, coz Lu keeps pestering me to read em. AND I have to read all this stuff for Wireless and Capstone. yeesh!

Anyways, off to watch last week's Angel "Shiny Happy People" again. Apparently it's supposed to be funny. It seemed rather average last time I saw it, but maybe I was watching it with the wrong expectations. Anyways, over and out.

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