Friday, May 23, 2003

The End of Buffy

hmm, I saw the final on the 20th of may. Watched it again last night. Itstill kills me. Spoilers for those who haven't seen it.

Was it good? It was bloody fantastic. It was exactly what the last Buffyhad to be. It brings everyone's stories to a nice end, and leaves thingsopen just in case. I'm still pissed that Faith doesn't have her own storynow. She really grew in the last 5 (?) episodes. I'm also concerned about Spike. I'm sure the story about James being on Angel isn't a sick joke...So how do they do it? Without making his sacrifice any less meaningful?Everyone is throwing around the Sanshu prophecy.. but you never know howthese things go. Mutant Enemy have a twisted way of meeting prophecies,see the "father will kill the son" for a case in point...

Anyways, the major development here is of course that there is no longerONE chosen (not even two, actually). All the potentials have been activated.So there are dozens, possibly 100s of slayers out there.. that could be trouble... Plus, not sure how all this falls into the Fray story... whathappens to the next generation of slayers? Does that go back into theone chosen? Or will all potentials be born slayers now? That's for later...

There were some brilliant scenes in "Chosen". Buffy's cookie-dough speechwas just brilliant. And possibly the most insightful revelation she's hadabout herself. Dawn's kick-in-the-shins. Priceless. The drawing of Angelon Spike's punching bag. Absolutely hilarious. The handing over of the amuletto Spike.. the scene with the "core four", the original scooby gang in theschool hall. Going back to those irreverent days of lighthearted banter thatsomehow got lost along the way. Gile's throwback to the end of "Welcome tothe Hellmouth and The Harvest". Brings a tear to the eye. How much these peoplehave changed...

One observation that's particularly important, from Loey is that the twoscoobs that died, Anya and Spike, died for a cause (humanity) that they spentmost of their lives hating. And killing. Joss always brings it back to redemption.It's not easy, no one will do it for you, but it can be done. "You lurrrvehumans!" :)

Oh, and the D and D scene! Priceless. Poor Giles! I thought he'd becleric or paladin or something. Dwarf is funnier tho.

Dunno what else to say. Head is all in a jumble. It's been a great 7 years.Can't wait till Angel Season 5 (imagine how bad it would have been to lose Angel as well. I'd have cried for a month!) I'm gonna watch the pilot andremember the good old days now.

Grr! Argh!

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