Monday, July 14, 2003

At The Drive-In

Been listening to Relationship of Command by At The Drive-In. It's an incredible album. The way rock should be, loud, poweful and relevant. Each and every song has such a powerful message. I was pretty bummed when I hear they broke up.. I haven't heard anything from Sparta or The Mars Volta, but I gotta start looking.. if it's even half as good as ATDI then I'm buying it. Also, Mars Volta is just a VERY cool name for a band!

I just read a review of the album on UBL which summed it up nicely:"This is not a band that could ever be insincere. You can see it in their eyes and feel it in their music and work ethic. ATDI is one of the saviors of true emotional straight-up rock!"

I just found a totally amazing site which has a full RealMedia file of the ATDI concert at the Metro in 2001. The picture is a bit dark, but the 300K RealMedia is a decent quality, and the sound is pretty good for a live recording. Check it out here.

Actually, the whole VirtueOZ site is pretty cool. It has heaps of full live concerts recorded. The main site is here.

Onto other things now. Made some progress on my capstone, mainly in the area of changing the topic. Yes, AGAIN! :). But this should be the last, (1) because I'm running out of time, with only about 4 more months, and (2) I'm actually pretty confident that this topic can have some meat to it, as long as I can get the simulation running.

Well, what's the topic you ask? Well, probably not, but that's the saying anyway... So, the new topic is "content distributing using swarming technique". Basically the way BitTorrent works. I'm gonna build a model to test various things like scalability, resilience to nodes dropping, ratio of upload/download speeds etc. I was planning to just build the high level protocol, but decided that I'll need to put it on top of a TCP/IP stack to (1) get it to work properly and (2) to make the results realistic. I was originally planning to use the IPv4 stack from OMNeT++, but that is pretty hard to use.. then I decided to try the new IPv6 model developed at Monash Uni.. It's a lot cleaner implementation wise, plus the documentation is in English, which is a handy thing. Anyway, I'm having a few problems compiling the older projects with the new OMNeT++ build but hopefully that should be solved soon.

What other news? I'm going to Splendour In The Grass next weekend at Byron Bay with some of my friends. The lineup is totally incredible, with Veruca Salt, 1200 Techniques, Gerling, Goldfrapp, Powderfinger, Cold Play and heaps, heaps more.

The week after, Efe, Frans and I are going upto Cairns for a driving, diving and fishing trip. It's the first time I'm going that far into Queensland, shoudl be good. Also good to get out of cold Sydney weather. Expect lots of photos when I get back. :)

Been listening / watchinf the afore mentioned ATDI concert. Damn these guys go hard. They absolutely give 100%. I'm amazed the singer has a voice left after all the effort he puts into his delivery.

Right, time to check out. Over and out.