Monday, December 15, 2003


My take on why idealism has no place in the modern world. Maybeit didn't have a place at any time.

The only victory idealists can have is a moral victory.And as good as it is to have a moral victory, it doesn'tmean jack. Morals don't feed people, or give them medicine,or educate their children, or save the environment.

The only way to win (in politics, and life in general)is to play the game. In which case you don't win anyway.

Saturday, December 6, 2003

The Creative Commons

I've been following the whole copyright debate in the US over the last few years, mostlythrough Professor Lessig's blog.

One of the defining moments for me was listening to the presentation given byLessig at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention in 2002. The presentation by Lessig titledFree Culturereally opened up my eyes to what's at stake. Before that I was simply an advocate ofFree Software / Open Source, but now I realise the battle is much larger. It's aboutthe survival of our cultural heritage and our collective creative work (that soundsrather dramatic, but what the hell).

The Eldred v Ashcroft case is an important milestoneand one we cant' afford to lose. Things like Project Gutenberg would not exist, people wouldn't be able to re-interpret Shakespeare'sworks as they wanted.

So rather than just passively listen to what's going on, I've decided to take somesteps. All the (half decent) software I have written is released under theGPL and I have deciedto license this website's contents under the Creative Commons license. Not that I think anyone will really want to inlcudemy rants, but it's the idea that counts. The Creative Commons license website has a number of really great explanations(as flash animations and comic stips, no less!) of why this type of license isimportant. It's a must-read.

So, please feel free to use this content under the Creative Commons license, providedthat the source is attributed and the use is non-commercial.

Thursday, December 4, 2003

Euro Trip Planning

Got off my ass today and got a copy of the Lonely PlanetEurope on a Shoestring book. It's time I get serious about planning.Need to organise with Lucky, Jem and Mach about where to go and where to meet. I still haven't got a job lined up in the UK, but that isn't much of a worry at the moment.

Also got the road trip up north in late December... need to get stuff in order for that aswell. OK, back to work.