Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Film Directors

I recently ran across this article in The Guardian about "the best directors in the world". I automatically flinch whenpeople throw about the words "the best.. taking a closer look at the top however, I noticed that myfaviourite director had topped the list. Yup, none other than David Lynch.

It's a pretty unusual day when I agree with anyone else on things like this, but maybe these critics(it was The Guardian's critics who chose the 40) had something right.. or maybe Lynch is so far aheadthat there really wasn't a choice. Either way, I certainly agree that Lynch ha both redefined and invigoratedfilm as an artistic medium. In days of 5 second attention spans and 0.5 second jump-cuts it's nice to havesomething with substance (see my rant on Idol below).

Going back to the list, there were a couple of people left out that I thought should be there.. PeterJackson for one. I think that The Lord of the Rings trilogy will stand the test of time and become one ofthe milestones of cinema. Also, one of my favourite directors, Peter Greenaway didn't get a mention, though he might be a bit too quirky for this list. If so, what happenedto Tim Burton?

Anyways, quite a few of my faviourite directors made it onto the list: David Fincher, Lars von Trier, Michael Moore, Spike Jonez, Alexander Payne, Tarantino, David Cronenberg, Terrence Malik, Martin Scorsese and of course David Lynch. There are quite a few international directors, from Iran, Japan, Taiwan etc. Interesting list.

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