Sunday, January 25, 2004

We Live a Lie

Sometimes I ask people I know if they purchased a music CD in the lastfew months. They usually say yes. Then I ask if they consider themselvesto be essentially good, kind people. The answer is usually yes. Then Iask if they know that the money they spent on a CD could have been spentsaving the life of one of the 19,000 people who die EVERY DAY from malnutrition? The answer is usually silence or a sheepish no.

I've always considered humans to be greedy, shelfish and cruel. Peoplewill of deny this of course.. but how can they, when most people knowthat the money they spend on ice cream can be used to save a life of achild? "oh but the money is all lost in administration costs" they almost always say.. isn't even 10% of the money getting to it's intendedgoal better than nothing? Isn't even one life being saved worth it?

Anyways, I just saw some frightning figures from the World WatchState of the World 2004 summary. The annual spending on luxary items world widewould be more than adequate to provide food & water, sanitation, basic mediation and educationto the entire world.

Ignorance of the situation is one thing (though not an excuse). But peoplewho know the reality and pretend they care just piss me off. Admit that youdon't care, or do something about it, but just don't live a lie.

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