Saturday, February 28, 2004

It Can Only Get Better

I just got home after watching 21 Grams. Boy wasthat a hard film to get through.. more on that later.. so anyways, I get home and think "Why not watchsomething nice and funny to lighten things up a bit...?" So I decided to watch the latest episode ofScrubs.. which is one of my favourite funnies..

Then here's the kicker... This episode of Scrubs just happens to be the one about Ben's funeral? Youremember Ben? The fun loving funny guy with Lukemia played by Bredan Fraser? Yeah, that was fun...

Anyways, about 21 Grams.. that was a very fine movie. Innaritu is a very bloody good film maker, as he demonstrated with Amores Perros. I read Ebert's review of the filma bit earlier, and can't help but agree with him.

The most memorable feature of the film is the story. The very fancy editing and time shiftinga la Pulp Fiction or Momento was just a cool trick that you forget. In fact, as he says the film probably would have been more powerful if it was shown in linear time.. the fragmented timeline breaks up the emotional build up... but maybe that's a good thing.. I don't think I would have enjoyed that film if it packed any more punch.

I must say that all three of the leads, Del Torro, Penn and Watts were brilliant in this film.For me, Benicio Del Torro really stole the show.. there was so much quiet intensity in hisevery action, every word. I don't really care too much for awards, but I hope these performancesget the recognition they deserve.

I think I need to go off and watch Pirates of the Carribean or Finding Nemo or somethinglight like that before I get all broody and depressed.

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