Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Trip Planning

The Euro 2004 trip is getting closer. Bit less than two months to go.Most of the 'stuff' is now organised. We've got tickets and the first few daysaccom (in Rome - on the Easter weekend no less!) has already been booked.We've also got most of our gear.. travel packs and sleeping bags being thebig items.

The only outstanding issue at the moment is getting visas. Out of the placeswe need to visit, the only places that require visas are the Czech Republic andHungary. This is turning out to be quite a pain in the ass because the forms requirethings like an address we will be staying at.. a sponsor's name etc. I would havethought that the Czech Republic in particular would be more open towardstourists.. but apparently not if you're on an Australian Passport.

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