Sunday, March 14, 2004

I, Robot

Just saw the trailer for the new film based on Asimov's classic, I, Robot. My first reaction? I'm glad Asimov is dead, so that he doesn't have to see what they have done with his dream.

When I first read the reaction of other Asimov fans on slashdot I thought they were just overreacting, as they do on /.. But oh boy.. were they right? I mean as one guy said.. Asimov could have written a better screen play than this guy (previous works includes "Batman and Robin").. and Asimov has been dead more than 10 years.

Asimov's books were written well before their time, throught provoking and sometimes disturbing. They certainly don't make for action movie material. Specially a story like "Evidence" (where a politician is accused of being a robot). A good article on Asimov and the Robot books can be found here.

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