Sunday, March 28, 2004

Wonderfalls, Continued

So the drama continues. I've seen the first three episodes of Wonderfalls now - and it's just getting better and better. This seems to be one of those rare moments when all (or almost all) criticts seem to be united in their opinion. They seem to love it as much as I do... but that doesn't seem to be helping the ratings, which sucks much ass.

Executive producer Tim Minear even went as far as writing an open letter to genre fans asking for them to spread the word. Maybe the show can get enough ratings to go through the 13 episode run.. I'll be mighty pissed off if they pull a Firefly on us...

On to today's 'sode - "Wound-Up Penguin". And what a fine 'sode it was.. Plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.. "I bet he Agnes of God her. I bet he Agnes of Godded all over her!" and "Maybe she's a lazy whore. They can't all have hearts of gold and good work ethics." certianly stand out.. plus Jaye's very Homer-like exit from the house.

My only reservation was that the script was going dangerously close to serious religious territory, which should be avoided at all costs, IMHO. But it didn't, and all was good in the end.

Wonderfalls is going up in my mental rankings of TV shows, getting up there with the Firefly and that show about a girl from Sunnydale.

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