Sunday, March 14, 2004


Saw the pilot for the new Fox show Wonderfalls today. For the second time. And it was good. No, wait. Not good. Bloody brilliant! I pretty much watch anything done by ex Mutant Enemy (Joss Whedon's production company) staffers.. and this one is a little gem with Tim Minear as the show runner.

I'm not going to re-hash the premise of the show again.. you can see that at the website above.. lets just say it's dark, quirky, funny and not like anything else on TV. The tone of the show is very light hearted on the surface, but I get the feeling that it will develop a lot of depth if given time to explore the characters.

Of course, I can't mention Wonderfalls without saying something about the star Jaye, played by Caroline Dhavernas. Firstly, Caroline is definately one of the most engaging actors I've seen. Tim Minear's gushing praise for her is thoroughly deserved. Looking into the character - Jaye is a total piece of work. She's a total slacker and a cynic. As Allyson of Buffistas fame said, she works hard at apathy.. but you can see she is a totally different person from who she pretends to be.. just look at her trailer (kudos to the set designers.. no way in hell could someone decorate a trailer like that.. but it still looks very cool).

So anyways, watch Wonderfalls if you can.. either on Fox (Fridays at 9pm) or by being naughty and downloading it off the net (which you shouldn't do.. coz it's bad and stuff..). Lets just hope that Wonderfalls has a longer and happier life than the other little project Minear worked on for Fox - Firefly. Which also happened to be on Friday nights...

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