Friday, April 16, 2004

Florence Day One, and Pisa

So, on our first day in Florence we had a late breakfast (at Gino's - on Via Nazionale, good food there), and headed to the markets. Anne and Jem spent the next hour or so harassing a poor salesman from a leather shop trying out jacket after jacket. I think the poor man had to go and lie down after a while after that. After the girls piked out a jacket each we had to run (AGAIN) for our train to Pisa.

Pisa is a very cool town. Still full of tourists, but not so bad as Rome. There are HEAPS of designer shops and places to eat. Everyone looks very rich there.. lots of expensive cars.

Of course the only thing to do in Pisa is to go to the tower. So we did. I was feeling all touristed out, so I decided to take pictures of tourists making fools of themselves trying to lean on and hold up the tower. The whole place was VERY full of people. This is when I started daydreaming about a trip to Sibeira sometime, just to get away from all these people.

After messing about the Tower, and eating some very nice pastries in a shop on the main street we did our usual "running for the train" thing again. On the way back, we managed to get off at the wrong station not once, but twice! We had to sit in a different carrage the second time coz we were too embarassed by the looks the other travellers gave us when we did it the first time!

Back in Florence we had dinner at a very cool resteraunt (can't remember the name, I'll put in in later) - but it's on Via Nazionale, about 300m down from the main Piazza. Mach had already tried the 500G Florentine Steak, so the girls decided to have one 700g steak between em. The food was really fantastic, we're going there agian.. but we'll have to cut down on the fancy places if we want to stay on budget.. :(

Day threee finds me sitting in a net cafe (fighting these stupid Italian keyboards) typing stuff up.. it's raining outside.. :(

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