Monday, April 26, 2004

Lots More Pictures

Finally found a decent net cafe in Prague to upload more pics. It's just my luck that it's actually a decent day outside.. The last few days in Prague have been very dreary and COLD. Anyways...

Another pic of us sitting at the steps in front of the Pantheon

The Trevi Fountain. Really hard to get a decent picture coz of the thousands (well, hundreds) of people around it..

Big domed buildings in Rome. Can't remember which Piazza they were at.

The Spanish Steps. Rome's equivalent of the Town Hall Steps in Sydney. Just bigger.

It was a bit rainy when we went to Pompeii, and couldn't see the top of the volcano.. but it looked suitably angry.

The big Church in Sienna. The town is split over a valley, with a football ground in the middle. This was one of the last pictures I could take before the town was overrun with Sienna and AC Milan supporters.

Some person doing a silly pose at Pisa. There were LOTS of these.


Some tower in Pisa. Pisa was a very nice town too.

The view out our Hostel window on our first day in Prague.. the pic looks a bit distorted..

The copy of the Eiffel tower from Charles Bridge. The clouds and sun rays didn't come out too well.

Prague was a bit dreary for most of the time. And did I mention COLD?

We had some pretty nice dinners in Prague. Two of the places were underground, in the cellers of old buildings. This place was particularly nice.


One of the entrances to Prague Castle, near the President's offices.

View of Prague from the castle. Note, it's dreary again.

Prague Castle entrance with the courtyard in front.

Yup, still a bit grey in old Prague.

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