Monday, April 26, 2004


So we finally made it to Prague. A lot of people I met on the way here said that I'd really like it, and they were right. I LOVE Prague. Definately my favourite city in Europe so far.

We're here during the Ice Hokey World Championships, so there are quitea few people about, but it's not anywhere as bad as Italy. Besides, the cityis really amazing. Prague Castle and the Cathedral are amazing, and dominatethe city, but everywhere you look there are goegeous buildings from 13th century(and older) to modern day buildings. There are lots of cool spaces (Piazzas) to hang out and have a coffee or beer.

Plus the history of the place. We're really close to Wencelas Square, the siteof many revolutions including the most recent Velvet Revolution to oust the communist Government.

We went to visit the Museum of Communism too. Ironically placed between a McDonaldsand a Casino. No joke. The musem was a pretty sombre affair, covering the Communist theoryfrom Marx to Lennin, Stalin and the Czech (and Czechoslovakian) role in it. Lots of stuff to read and some nice exhibits. There was a film about the various invasions and the VelvetRevolution, which was quite powerful. Definately a must-see if you go to Prague.

Did a walking tour around the town yesterday, and we had a really nice guide. He tookus around Wencelas Square, the Old Town, the Jewish Quarter and Prague Castle and providedheaps of useful info.

The Czech Republic is joining the EU this Friday, but there doesn't seem to be much attention paid to it. They seem to be more concerned about the Ice Hockey.

Soon as I finish typing this up I'm going to head up to Prague Castle to meet the othersand go to the Cathedral. We saw it from the outside yesterday, and it's an amazing,imposing structure.

Hopefully the sun will stay out long enough for me to get some non-dreary pictures of Prague.The ones I've taken so far just don't do the city justice.

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