Thursday, May 6, 2004

Czech Republic

In our last few days in Czech we basically walked around Prague a lot and did a day trip down to a place called Cesky Krumlov which is a nice little town in the south of the country, dominated by a big palace on top of the hill.

The guys finally worked up the energy to go for a walk about town one night after dinner (trust me, you'd understand if you saw the dinners we were having!) It was a really nice night, and Prague looks fantastic by night. Very dramatically lit. We made it to the river, near the National Theatre building, and I took this picture of the castle.. pretty nice, IMHO.

The next day we were off to Cesky Krumalov.. Our tour guide was not the most helpful.. treated everyone like misbehaving children.. it was pretty much "meet me at blah blah at 3pm. Don't be late or you will have to make your own way to Prague." But anyways, the town was really nice.. I could see that it was pretty touristy, but we were there early enough in the season that there were very few others about.. Onto the pics.

The big tower in the castle. We didn't get the chance to climb up to the top, but the view was pretty good, either way.

The other part of the castle, and the river that runs through the town. Same river that goes through Prague, IIRC. But a lot smaller.

So after our eventful time in Czech we got to the airport and had a late night flight to Athens. To be continued.

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