Saturday, May 15, 2004

Greece - Gythio

Aaah, fair Gythio.. the final stop on our very strange tour of the Peleponnese. A busy little seaside town with lots of hotels and resteraunts.. most of them with smoked octapus hanging on wires outside... Still not quite sure what the point of that was. Most of them had a layer of grime from the road dust, so I didn't try any "smoked octapus" dishes..

So we get to Gythio and call up a place called Xania which is listed in the LP as a good place to stay.. and it was.. right across from Mani Island (where Paris apparently seduced Hellen) and run by a family.. they are basically letting out rooms in the their (very big) house.

We were planning on just sitting on our asses for a while in Gythio.. until we found out that there was a cave system with a river running through it... so we took a bus to the spot the next day, and took a ride through the caves.. Yup, it was a boat ride coz the caves are completely flooded.. but it was amazing either way.. the caves aren't big, but its absolutely covered in stactites and stalagmites.. in some places they look like a forest.. with thousands of tiny stalactites.. there aren't many stalgmites - due to the cave floor being a river..

After that, we pretty much stuck to our plans in Gythio.. which was a whole lot of doing not much.. well, a lot of eating.. but that was about it.. so it was a good few days to wind down after Athens..

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