Saturday, May 15, 2004

Greece - Nafplio

So as soon as Jem left, they guys put thing "winging it" plan into action.. or inaction, I guess, since there was no plan.

The same afternoon that Jem left, we packed our stuff, boarded a bus (which we found with great difficulty) and headed to the little town of Nafplio.. based only on the recommendation of Lonely Planet and the fact that there was an old Ventian Fortress built on a hill above the town.

We found two nights lodgings at a place recommended by LP, with a very cool owner, who we ended up calling "the 10% guy". This was because his english was good enough to understand 90% of what he was saying, but there was always a CRITIAL 10% we had no idea about.. so after each conversation with him (and BOY, did he like to talk) we'd walk away scratching our heads and saying "..or maybe he meant... do you think?... nah, what if..." Either way, he was a top bloke and the hostel in in a great location, at the base of the hill, right next to the Catholic Church (not so good if you don't like being woken up by Church bells tho).

The old town of Nafplio - which is build around the harbour - is very pretty. Almost Italian (coz of the Venitian influences). It's really touristy, tho.. lucky for us we were there early enough in the season, so the place was relatively quiet.

Of course the main reason we went to Nafplio was the fort. And what a fort is is.. Built on a big hill overlooking the town it covers pretty much the entire top of the hill.. it's bloody huuge! It's in decent condition too, for something 450 odd years old. The only problem of course was the 1000+ steps to get to the top of the damnned fort.. took us a good 1/2 hour to climb.. when we got (almost) to the top we find out that there is a bus that goes around the back of the hill!!! Arrgh!

After seeing all the sights in Nafplio in two days, we decided to head to Sparta.. but then our host (10% guy) convinced us that we HAD to see Olympia if we're in the Peleponnese, so we decided to take a bus to Olympia first..

And there started our Peleponnesian oddesey...

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