Saturday, May 15, 2004

Greece - Road to Gythio

So we take a bus from Nafplio to Olympia via Tripoli.. how bad could it be, right? We end up at a bus terminal in Tripoli (very nice bus terminal, very crappy city) with 5 hours to wait for the bus to Olympia.

Deciding that a 5 hour wait wasn't worth it (we didn't even have accom in Olympia) to turning up late in the night wasn't a good idea) we decide to head to Sparta.... only to find out that busses to Sparta go from another "terminal" (and I use that word kindly) some "500 metres" away - accoprding to the dude there..

So we trek to the next terminal - with our packs - which turns out to be quite a bit further than 500m. And it's not even a terminal! We were looking for some bus stop looking structure, until FINALLY a dude from the corner store says "you looking for bus tickets? This is bus terminal." It was a frikking CORNER STORE for crying out loud!

So anyways, we finally get on a bus to Sparta.. you know, the home of legendary warriors.. The ride the is pretty enough, lots of hills, mountians (badly constructed mountain roads - but thats another story) and olive plantations. Lots of olive plantations. And fields and fields of wildflowers. There were wildflowers of every colour just everywhere.. very pretty.

Then we get to Sparta. Not Pretty. In fact, it was probably the ugliest city we'd seen in Greece. And that was saying something. So disguested were we that we pretty much took the next bus out of there, to the seaside town of Gythio.

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