Friday, May 7, 2004

Greece - Samaria Gorge

We went to Samaria as part of a tour, though it was basically just a bus + ferry transfer. The guide doesn't go with you through the gorge..

So anyways, we set off early, at about 6am from Chania and drove through the still snow capped mountains of Crete to the start of the trail. It was at an altitude of 1200m, so still quite cold..

The initial climb down into the gorge is pretty steep, with a rough zig-zag path.. the view is pretty distracting too.. with massive cliffs towering on both sides of you.. After a few KMs of the initial descent, you hit the bottom, with the river.. and rocks. Lots of rocks.

The rest of the trip is basically climbing over lots of rocks.. not too easy on the feet and knees, but not really that hard. We had 6 hours to cross the 16km of gorge, so we took it pretty slow and enjoyed the sights..

There are pretty regular rest stops on the way... but the little ancient village at the half way point is just spectacular. Lucky decided that he would come and stay here if he ever decided to go bush.. Since it was spring wildflowers were everywhere too.

The others are heading off now, so just a few more pictures for now.. I'll finish the write-up later.

This is where the gorge gets really narrow. It is 3m wide at the narrowest point, and a few hundred meters wide at the widest. You can see Jem and Lucky on the bridge.

Near the end. Jem and Lucky - Lucky is showing off his walking stick / club that he picked up on the way.

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MissMV18 said...

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