Friday, May 7, 2004

Greece - Santorini

aaah, fabled Santorini, most dramatic of islands. Words cannot describe this place.. everyone knows that it is the resutls of a huge volcano blowing up and leaving a rim crater thingy, right? With sea in the middle, and the circular islands on top of sheer 500m cliffs?

Anyways, we tooka "ferry" from Iraklio (capital of Crete) to Fira, the big town in Santorini. Our Ferry arrived late at night, and the sight of vehicles climbing up the cliff was just amazing (sorry, no pics.. too tired at that stage).

Our hotel in Santorini was just faboulous. It was a few hundred metres from teh town of Firastephani, perched just on the edje of the cliff. No cheapo hostels for us here.. Pics of hotel coming soon, this net cafe is pretty sucky.

We pretty much spent our time in Santorini perfecting our adaptation of the now "Santorini Lifestyle" which was more relaxed than the one we had seen in Crete. The only thing we did was to take a tour of the volcano crater (the istland in the middle). Snapped this picture of Ia (the northen tip of the main Island) from the volcano crater.. with wildflowers growing on old lava floes.

After we stopped off on at the port on the North island (can't remember it's name) Lucky decided to go for a dip.. water was pretty cold, but he managed to look like a pansy of great renown.

We stayed in the town of Ia to see the sunset (nothing to write home about, IMHO, though others would beg to differ. This is one of the views of the nh island from Ia.

When we tried to leave Santorini by Ferry, it steamed for about 1 hour from the harbour, decided to have engine trouble and turned back. Since this was the overnight Ferry to Athens, the Ferry company put us up in a hotel for that night, and put us on a plane to Athens the next mornig.. so everything worked out even better. Moral of the story : Santorini is pretty darn good! :)

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