Saturday, May 15, 2004

Hungary - Budapest

After antother night in Athens (only coz we had to) we got on a plane to Budapest.. two hours later we were there... Getting from the airport to the city was a problem, but we finally worked out the bus / metro system and got to the hostel.. which was located right next to Deak ter, which is the central railway system.

The following day we took a walking tour of the city to get familar with it.. the guide took us to a number of the famous buildings and monuments and explained some of Hungary's history.. Budapest looks a lot like Prague, actually.. comeplete with a big castle on the other side of the river...

The next day we headed up to the castle and explored for a couple of hours.. Very impressive castle, and the grounds were just amazing, covered in spring flowers.. We also climed to the top of the hill on the south soide of the castle, to look at the huge communist era statue.. it was called "liberation" or something to that effect. Very impressive, whatever it's name was..

Lucky and Mach then headed to some thermal baths while I headed out of the city to go to the "Statue Park" where many of the old Communist era statues and sculptures were being stored... Lets just say I got my fill of Socialist Realism there.. there were a couple of standout statues.. huge and imposing.. very impressive..

That nigh we went and saw Kill Bill Volume 2.. The theatre was just amazing.. it was an old theater converted to a cinema.. the old lobbey and the decorations in the actual cinema was still there.. just gorgeous... KB2 was pretty good.. I like it more than the first.. Gotta watch it on DVD when I get home..

For the third day in Hungary we took a trip up north to Visegrad.. a small town on the Danube which also happens to be home to a huge ass castle dating from the 13th century.. we spent the best part of the afternoon climbing up to the top of the hill (it was muddy and quite steep, not a pretty sight).. the castle itself was amazing... really big and still in quite good shape.. there are a numebr of museum type exhibitions as well, which is quite nice.

Again, sorry about the lack of pics.. will post em ASAP.

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