Thursday, May 20, 2004

Hungary - Visegrad and Esztergom

I think that's how you spell them, anyway.

The last two days in Hungary we spent doing trips to the Danube bend.. The original plan was to go to Eger in the east, but we just missed thetrain.. that's what you get for winging it, I guess.

We were always going to Visegrad, because it had a 13th century castle..We took a local bus from Budapest up to Visegrad, most of the locals werequite surprised to see three tourists on the bus, I think.. since mostpeople seem to be taking organised tours..

Visegrad is a small town, so we actually missed our stop, it wasonly when Lu saw the castle out of the corner of his eye that wegot off the bus and walked to the town..

Like everywhere else in Europe it seemed that all the school kidswere on excursions, and the town was crawling with them.. along withpeople from the local "medieval society" or whatever, doing demonstrationsof sword fights and shooting longbows and stuff... Alll the weaponslying around would have been an insurance nightmare in Aus, butI don't think they have stupid public liability laws in Hungary...

Like every castle we had climbed before, we discovered that there wasa road and BUSES to the top of the hill AFTER we climbed the Visegrad castle hill. This one was particularly hard because it was muddy, andraining too.. scrambling up a muddy hillside on hands and knees is notthe best fun.. anyways, the view from the top was pretty good. Therewas a nice museum at the top too.

We went to Esztergom to see the cathedral there.. the largest inHungary.. it was also full of school kids and tourists, but wemanaged to climb to the top of the dome.. very nice views.. and theinside of the church was amazing.. though not as detailed as ItalianBascillicas..No pics of this one..

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