Thursday, May 20, 2004

Pictures from Greece and Budapest

Just catching up on some pictures from the last few weeks.

This one was taken in the town square of Napflio.. the floor was polishedmarble, and made for a very cool effect as light reflected off it..

This was the view of the town and harbour from our hotel in Nafplio

The view of the castle from town.. there are apparently 1000 steps to the top.I think we climbed up all of em.

The view of the harbour from the castle.. after climbing the said 1000 odd steps.

Lu and Paul were enjoying the scenary, on our trip from Nafplio to Tripoli.

Some of the scenary they were seeing..

Athens, what a pretty city... Really. This was the view from out of our hostel.Easily the ugliest city I've seen in Europe.

St. Stepen's Bascillica in Budapest.. A piece of Reneissance Italy in the centre of Budapest

The courtyard of Budapest Palace.. the President's residence, I think.

The "liberty" statue on the hill overlooking Budapest. One of the onlypieces of socialist realism to survive the communist downfall. It'sdefinately my favourite work of S.R.

Another SR statue, at the Statue Park in Budapest.

Yet another SR statue, at the Statue Park in Budapest.

Budapest casle at night. Need to clean up the picture and remove the crap fromthe foreground, but pretty good, still, IMHO.

The Chain Bridge, which crosses the Danube.

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