Monday, July 12, 2004


So we finally made it to Berchtesgaden (BG from now on, it's too bloody long to type). It was just a short trip from Salzburg to BG, which was literally the end of the line.

It was just our luck to arrive in BG on a Sunday afternoon, so the whole place wasdead, there wasn't even anyone at the railway station. After much effort we managed toidentify the bus that MIGHT take us to where our hostel was.. and of course, being aSunday we had a 2 hour wait for the bus... when it finally got there the driver didn'tactually know where the hostel was along the route.. Having no other option, we tooka taxi.. cost us about 3 Euros each. Moral of the story - take a taxi!

Anyways, our hostel was another one of those HI type places a few Ks outside the townproper, in it's own little villiage. It seemed that there was a big scool group stayingthere, so we only had accom for one night. Having no option, we decied to stay there forthat night and find accom for the rest of our time in the town... Luckily, the three ofus got our own room, with a pretty cool view of the mountains from our window.

Lucky for us there was a resteraunt near our hostel.. unlucky for us it really wasn'ta touristy place, and the waitress didn't know any English... So I got to practice my(very bad) German. It was quite weird each time the waitress looked at me when she didn't understand what Mach or Lucky said... :) So after a dinner of schnitzel (they hadlike 15 different kinds!) and weizenbier we went for a walk about the villiage. Therereally wasn't much, it was quite deserted.. except for the huge ass military base right in the middle of town!

The next morning we set off for the town, with our packs... on foot. It wasn't sobad since we had some pretty awesome scenary to look at

So we finally managed to find another place to stay, which just happened to be at thetop of this huge-ass hill.. Great fun getting there with our packs. Anyways, after settlingin at the hotel, we headed back to town to hit our main targets, Dokumentation Obersalzburg (the museum documentingthe time of Nazi rule in BG) and of course, Kehlsteinhaus - the Eagle's Nest.

But then, our dreams were shattered. There was a sign saying that the Eagle's nest wasclosed for repairs! Argh! We asked the helpful dude at the information centre, and hesaid that it was being repaired after winter storms, and that it wasn't possible toget there on foot! aah! to be foiled after coming so far! Anyways, we went through themuseum and one of Hitler's bunkers which was built into the mountain and headed back home.

Since our plans were foiled, we decided to finish our tour of BG that day and head off to Munich.From Obersalzburg we headed to beautiful Konigssee. Of coursethe main attraction was the lake, which was just absolutely gorgeous. We went for a walk along the shore, and you could see the green water of the lake filtering through the trees...

We finally found a spot where we could climb down to the water (it wasn't easy) and just sat around fora while and enjoyed the view. Fantastic!

And that was pretty much it for Berchtesgaden. We headed off towards Munich the next morning (via Salzburg).Of course, there is one thing that I can say for sure. I'll be coming back to Berchtesgaden, and stayingfor a few weeks next time.

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