Monday, August 16, 2004

The Maxx, Sartre and Joss Whedon

Odd mix, you might think.. but apparently not. I came across the connection completely by accident too..

I've just been watching The Maxx. Managed to track it down, well least the first six episodes of it.. not sure how many they made.. Anyways, I was watching it, and for those who don't know the show, well, lets just say that it screws with your mind.. You're never quite sure WHAT is real, or who.. or anything... The fifth and sixth episode sort of explains the "dream" or perhaps the collective delusion that our characters are experiencing.. but I'm not quite sure if that dream was itself within a dream.. you're never quite sure what is real... The Matrix ain't got shit on this.

So anyways, somewhere along the line, one of the characters says

And what cartoons? 'The Crappon Inna Hat!' Must be the stupidest cartoon ever made. I mean.. "The Crappon Inna Hat teams up with Jean-Paul Sartre to fight nausea!" Cartoons today are so pretentious!'

aaah, I love self reference. And of course there ain't no show / comic that digs into existentialism more than The Maxx.

So how does this tie in with Joss? Well, I'm the happy new owner of a Firefly DVD set.. and I was going through the commentary.. for the last episode "Objects in Space" Joss does a very nice commentary about the origin of this idea.. about how we are defined by the objects around us, and how we imbue these objects with meaning. Joss said that this idea originated from his discovery of Sartre's Nausea (La Nausee)..

So... not sure what this means.. if anything at all.. maybe there is a common thread in the kind of stories that appeal to me.. maybe it's all just co-incidence..

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