Saturday, September 25, 2004

Dude, Where's White Castle?

Or more correctly, WHAT is White Castle? Yeah, I actually went tosee Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. And I liked it..

That of course is completely weird, considering that it's certainlynot the type of movie I like.. I've not seen (director) Danny Leiner'sprevious effort Dude, Where's My Car?. Nor had I seen any of the other teenmovies like American Pie, Road Trip, There's Something AboutMary, etc. etc. So why watch this one? Mainly coz I just wanted tocatch up with the guys, and partly coz it actually looked prettyfunny.

And funny it was. Had me doubled over with laughter quite a fewtimes. Maybe I didn't find it QUITE as funny as the other guys,but it was the best laugh I'd had in ages. Specially Harold's elevator dream sequence and Kunmar's "getting married to a bagof dope" sequence. Oh yeah, Kal Penn who plays Kumar is frikking brilliant. Where has thisguy been? Apparently in a Buffy episode - Beer Bad and an Angel season 5 episode Buddy!

Oh, and Paula Garcés is SO HOT. I can't believe she's 30! She looks16!

Oh yeah, a main contributing factor was the fact that I didn'tknow that White Castle was a real burger chain... I'm not big on movies with commercial tie-ins....

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