Monday, November 22, 2004

Aussie Air

No, not air like in the stuff we breathe, but Air, as in the French electronica outfit.

There have been many Australian artists popping up in the image of Air - laid back, atmospheric elctronica. Decoder Ring made a splash with their soundtrack to the film Somersault a few months ago... I remember seeing them supporting george a couple of years ago... they were the first support act, and the audience was louder than they were! Maybe not the best live act at a rock concert, but they are simply sublime when it comes to a quiet night in at home.

Other groups I've been listening to are Architecture In Helsinki and Art of Fighting - who have released an absolutely brilliant album - Second Story.

In the realm of decidedly non Air-like music, I've been really getting into the compilation by Jordy Kilby - Blues, Roots and Beyond. Particularly love the songs by Abbie Cardwell (Aus), Joss Stone (UK), Jodi Martin (Aus) and Jim Moray (UK).

It's heartening to know that we have such a depth of talent, even though the attention of the public is tied to an imbecilic karaoke contest.

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