Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Guthrie, Dylan, Bragg and Wilco

I've been reading more of Bob Dylan's autobiography of late, and came across a section where he writes about going to see Woody Guthrie while he was at the Greystone Psychiatric Hospital and playing songs for him. He mentions how Woody told him about a bunch of unpublished lyrics, but Dylan didn't end up getting them... Anyways, then he says:

Forty years later, these lyrics would fall into the hands of Billy Bragg and the group Wilco and they would put melodies to them, bring them to full life and record them... These performers probably weren't even born when I made that trip out to Brooklyn.

Funny enough, it just happens that I purchased a copy of that album and had it on my iPod. So I've been listening to Woody's lyrics all day today... I never knew about the connection between Guthrie and Dylan, but guess the folk scene in New York in the 60s was pretty close...

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