Thursday, November 4, 2004


This is a list of books I'm reading, waiting to read, and have read recently... It will move to the top of the list whenever I update it.. I'd also like people to provide feedback and make suggestions on other titles I might try.

Currently Reading

Waiting to Read

  • John Shaw - Nature Photography Field Guide
  • Stephen Erikson - Malazan Book of the Fallen (series)
  • George R. R. Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire (series)
  • Gollancz SF Masterworks
  • Brian Greene - The Elegant Universe
  • Lee Smolin - Three Roads to Quantum Gravity, Life of the Cosmos
  • Dylan Evans, - Introducing Evolutionary Psychology
  • Daniel Dennett- Consciousness Explained, Darwin's Dangerous Idea
  • Marvin Minsky - Society of Mind
  • Hofstadter, Dennett - The Mind's I
  • George Dyson - Darwin Among the Machines
  • John Brockman - The Next Fifty Years
  • Hans Moravec - Robot : Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind
  • Douglas Hofstadter - Metamagical Themas
  • John Ralston Saul - The Unconscious Civilization
  • Richard Dawkins - The Selfish Gene
  • Steven Pinker - The Blank Slate
  • Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson - Illuminatus!
  • Katie Hafner & John Markoff - Cyberpunk
  • Clifford Stoll - The Cuckoo's Egg
  • Morris Berman - The Twilight of American Culture

Recently Read

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