Thursday, November 11, 2004

The River

I've been listening to Missy Higgins' album "The Sound of White" (great song, not too flash a title for an album). It's really grown on me over the last few weeks, and I'd say I'll rate it as the best Australian album of the year.

Favourite song off the album is definately "The River", which sounds pretty innocent, but is a pretty dark tale. I absolutely love the narrative, and the imagery is just hauntingly beautiful. I wonder how much of the song is by Missy, and how much by producer Clif Magness, who shares a writing credit. Magness is one of those all-star producers record companies haul in... so I'm wary. I definately think that a lot of the songs are over produced, so looking forward to seeing Missy live.. Haven't seen her since she did support for The Waifs.

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