Monday, December 6, 2004

Australia's Favourite Book

Not too hard to guess if you've been following these lists forthe last few years, but it was Lord of the Rings, followed by Pride and Prejudice and The Bible.

Interesting to see that Harry Potter and Da Vinci Code made itto the top 10, but I think these are just anomalies. I seriouslydoubt that anyone will remember Harry Potter or Da Vinci Codein 20 years time. Compare that with 50 years for books likeLord of the Rings and 1984, 200 years for Pride and Prejudice.

Also of note, the first Dickens is at 48.

The top 100 is here.

I see that Magician by Feist and Dune by Herbert scored prettyhighly. My reading list just grew by about 50 books. :)

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