Saturday, December 4, 2004

Tee Vee Goodness

When Buffy ended, and then Firefly, Wonderfalls and Angel got cancelled, I thought that the TV scape was going to be pretty dull. Well, except for HBO. But apparently not.. a new bunch of shows have appeared on the wasteland of current TV programming. I wouldn't rate any of them in the same class as Firefly and Wonderfalls, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

The first surprise was Lost. This show is really growing on me. The characters are great, and the X-filesesque mixture of reality / paranormal is brilliant. The latest episode, centered around Clare was a great exploration of the mythology, and was totally creepy. I was freaked out.

The biggest surprise for me was the new BattleStar Galactica series. I thought the miniseries was good without being brilliant, but the series is just beyond compare. Definately the best Sci-Fi since Farscape (not that there has been much since). The atmosphere of the desperate stuggle in BG reminds me a lot of Glen Morgan and James Wong's short lived masterpiece Space: Above and Beyond. BTW - I've never seen the original BG.

Add to that Veronica Mars (very good and getting better, plus Kristen Bell - HOT!), trusty Gilmore Girls, Scrubs and post-election frivolity from The Daily Show, things are looking quite good.

No, I'm not a TV junky at all.

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