Sunday, January 30, 2005


Was at the WaveAid concert at the SCG last night. In a word? Awesome! Absolutely brilliant event!

Got there a bit too late and missed The Waifs and Missy Higgins (listened to them on triple j), Nick Cave was playing when we got there. Unfortunately the PA was turned down quite low and an imprompteu cricket match being played by the audience was making more noise than the performance.

Pete Murray and Kasey Chambers were pretty cool, though they too were drowned out by the audience most of the time. I guess it pays to be near the front..

Between the acts there was plenty of fun going on.. with some dude in the video control centre writing up funny captions on shots of people in the audience (mostly hot girls, but hey! I'm not complaining). He was encouraging girls to flash the camera, and boy, did they get into it with gusto! No complaints from me there either. ;)

Then came the brothers Finn, and the whole place exploded. It was the first WOW! moment of the night when they broke into "Take The Weather With You" and the whole place started singing. It was incredible. This happned with pretty much every Crowded House song (EVERYONE knows the words to Crowded House songs!) and their version of the Hunters and Collectors "Throw Your Arms Around Me" was just brilliant beyond words.

When John Butler Trio got on stage, we had another wow! moment.. lots in fact. People were literally singing and dancing in the isles. The whole stadium was on their feet and singing (and I mean singing not just yelling out the words). John was his usual charismatic and gracious self.. and the drummer treated the audience to one of the best drum solos I've ever heard.. it just went OFF!

I wasn't too impressed by Silverchair, never was a big fan and they didn't seem to quite do it for me.. maybe it's the 2 years between performances...

Powderfinger was awesome as always, everyone singing along to their songs and jumping about.

When Midnight Oil finally came on the place was going off! They launched into classic Oils song after classic and everyone was singing their little hearts out. Peter Garret didn't seem to have lost any of his presence, he was doing his trademark crazy dance all over the stage... and lots of people in the stands and on the ground were imitating him.. heaps of fun!

All in all it was just a brilliant day. One of the best live gigs I've ever been to, and all in the name of a good cause too.

Australia Day

A bunch of us (Jem, Mey, Sam, JC, Minh, Yui and myself) decided to enjoy Australia Day this year in the wonderful city of Sydney. This was the first time in AGES that I'd been to the city during Australia day.. Didn't make it to the harbour in time for the ferry races, but it was all pretty good.

We started off in Hyde Park for lunch (pretty piss-poor lunch actually, and crowded and expensive to boot!). From there we made it down to Bungalow 8 at King St Wharf to enjoy some drinks and catch the Alicia Molik vs Lindsay Davenport match at the Aus Open.

At about 5pm someone had the idea to visit Manly, so off we went to Circular Quay and the Manly Ferry. It was a pretty cool ride, as always, with a damn fine view of the CBD and harbour.

From Australia Day...

After a little walk towards Manly Beach, we had dinner from a pretty good seafood place (the salmon was awesome!) and headed to the beach for a bit. After grabbing some ice cream and watching a brilliant sunset it was time to head back.

From Australia Day...

Met up with Quang and his entourage at Darling Harbour for the fireworks, at around and chatted a bit and headed home. It was about 12:30 am when I finally got to sleep.. I walked into work 30 minutes late (I had an 8 am start dammit!). 'Twas tres fun.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I finally got around to buying Pearl Jam's 'best of' CD - rearviewmirror. I've been listening to itpretty much non-stop all day at work today.

It's amazing the number of memories that get dredged up when I listen tothis stuff. I pretty much stopped listening to PJ from about Vitalogyonwards.. so most of my Pearl Jam memories are from high school. Iremember when Wil New or Kev first got Ten and I listened to Alive, Even Flow, Jeremy, Why Go and Black for the first time. I remember Ian Pratt's piss-poorbut hilarious 'covers' of various PJ songs. I remember Meneither playingsongs from Ten at various gigs and us going nuts.

I remember best of all was the November 1995 concert at Eastern Creek.Along with 40,000 other PJ fans we moshed and jumped around and sang(screamed) along to our favourite songs... all in 12" of mud and absolutelycovered in the filth. I remember the steam rising off the moshpit likeit was on fire...

wow.. can't believe that was almost 10 years ago... crazy times.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Definitive List of Oporto's Movies

This is a work in progress, will be added to.

Disclaimer: chronological order is approximate. Oporto's was not always consumed beforehand, although the intent had to be there.

  1. Snatch
  2. U571
  3. Blade 1
  4. Dungeons and Dragons
  5. Reign of Fire
  6. Star Trek Nemesis
  7. Blade 2
  8. Transporter
  9. DreamCatcher
  10. Bullet Proof Monk
  11. Hebrew Hammer
  12. Chronicles of Riddick

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Koyaanisqatsi at SOH

Kevin and I went to see the performance of Koyaanisqatsi by the Philip Glass ensemble at the Sydney Opera House last night.

The reaction after the performance? Well, just simply amazing. Hearing the first few notes of the opening rumbling through the huge pipe organ in the theatre was just something else. There were sections (the first part of the rocket blasting off) where I literally forgot to breathe, and suddenly realised that I was holding my breath!

The ensemble was quite a bit smaller than I thought, only 9 people including Glass himself. All the vocals were done by three members, which is quite amazing considering the range of vocalisations (from the deep baritone to almost choral sections).

This was the first time I had seen a live Glass performance. Seeing it live certainly gives another dimension to the music, specially how individual voices which seem to quite discordant magically meld together as other instruments join in. Can't wait for the performance of Powaqatsi tonight!