Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I finally got around to buying Pearl Jam's 'best of' CD - rearviewmirror. I've been listening to itpretty much non-stop all day at work today.

It's amazing the number of memories that get dredged up when I listen tothis stuff. I pretty much stopped listening to PJ from about Vitalogyonwards.. so most of my Pearl Jam memories are from high school. Iremember when Wil New or Kev first got Ten and I listened to Alive, Even Flow, Jeremy, Why Go and Black for the first time. I remember Ian Pratt's piss-poorbut hilarious 'covers' of various PJ songs. I remember Meneither playingsongs from Ten at various gigs and us going nuts.

I remember best of all was the November 1995 concert at Eastern Creek.Along with 40,000 other PJ fans we moshed and jumped around and sang(screamed) along to our favourite songs... all in 12" of mud and absolutelycovered in the filth. I remember the steam rising off the moshpit likeit was on fire...

wow.. can't believe that was almost 10 years ago... crazy times.

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