Sunday, January 30, 2005


Was at the WaveAid concert at the SCG last night. In a word? Awesome! Absolutely brilliant event!

Got there a bit too late and missed The Waifs and Missy Higgins (listened to them on triple j), Nick Cave was playing when we got there. Unfortunately the PA was turned down quite low and an imprompteu cricket match being played by the audience was making more noise than the performance.

Pete Murray and Kasey Chambers were pretty cool, though they too were drowned out by the audience most of the time. I guess it pays to be near the front..

Between the acts there was plenty of fun going on.. with some dude in the video control centre writing up funny captions on shots of people in the audience (mostly hot girls, but hey! I'm not complaining). He was encouraging girls to flash the camera, and boy, did they get into it with gusto! No complaints from me there either. ;)

Then came the brothers Finn, and the whole place exploded. It was the first WOW! moment of the night when they broke into "Take The Weather With You" and the whole place started singing. It was incredible. This happned with pretty much every Crowded House song (EVERYONE knows the words to Crowded House songs!) and their version of the Hunters and Collectors "Throw Your Arms Around Me" was just brilliant beyond words.

When John Butler Trio got on stage, we had another wow! moment.. lots in fact. People were literally singing and dancing in the isles. The whole stadium was on their feet and singing (and I mean singing not just yelling out the words). John was his usual charismatic and gracious self.. and the drummer treated the audience to one of the best drum solos I've ever heard.. it just went OFF!

I wasn't too impressed by Silverchair, never was a big fan and they didn't seem to quite do it for me.. maybe it's the 2 years between performances...

Powderfinger was awesome as always, everyone singing along to their songs and jumping about.

When Midnight Oil finally came on the place was going off! They launched into classic Oils song after classic and everyone was singing their little hearts out. Peter Garret didn't seem to have lost any of his presence, he was doing his trademark crazy dance all over the stage... and lots of people in the stands and on the ground were imitating him.. heaps of fun!

All in all it was just a brilliant day. One of the best live gigs I've ever been to, and all in the name of a good cause too.

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