Friday, March 25, 2005


The Predators made another Oztag final. We played our semi against a team of cocky youngsters and held them out for a 3-2 win... It was a very "interesting" game, but not for the normal reasons. Half way through the second half one of our players - Brad - went down with what looks to be a broken ankle... I was on the other side of the field and could hear the crack! as his ankle gave way... The game was held up for about 45 minutes until an ambulance arrived.. There was some visible bleeding on his lower leg, which doesn't bode well (because it may be due to bone fragments).

Even worse, on the field next to ours a mixed game was being played and a girl had copped an elbow to the head. She seemed to be in serious trouble when the ambulance arrived, as she was having trouble moving.. No one wanted to say the words "spinal injury".. I'm hoping she comes out ok.. You don't want to see anyone go through that..

After that sobering thought, back to our game.. the opposition were all very fast steppers.. their game relied on getting around us and beating us on 1-on-1 tags.. We planned early to make sure we had lots of cover defence and to call the steppers and get plenty of bodies in their way.. this worked well for us.. even though they beat us 1-on-1 maybe a dozen times our 2nd man and cover defence always cleaned up..

Scotty had a brilliant game, scoring two tries and putting in a bunch of good plays.. of course the explanation for this was the fact that Scotty was just so slow that the opposition were zooming past him.. :) Bunch of our guys (Quang and Phi specially) made some brilliant last-ditch efforts to save tries..

So, another final next week. The memory of 2003 final is pretty fresh in most of the guys minds (we were minor premiers, lost only 1 game all season, and then went down in the final)... I think we have a pretty good shot at this one.. we've beaten both teams in the other semi, so we should be able to do it again.. Can't wait till next thursday.. last oztag final I was in was the 98-99 season! That's a long time between drinks!

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