Sunday, May 22, 2005

Revenge of the Sh!t

Yes, I finally got around to seeing the third (and final?) installment of Star Wars. Good thing I had lowered my expectations before going to see the movie, because it had trouble meeting even my lowered exectations. I'm still cringing at some of the Anikin/Padme scenes (nowhere as near as bad as from Clones, but painful still). The dialogue was the patented Lucas crud that we know and hate. And of course the performances from a stellar cast are as forgettable as always (I still don't know how Lucas can get such brilliant actors like McGregor and Portman to look so bad!) Music was forgettable exept for the reprise of "Duel Of The Fates" and the "Imperial March".

So, was there anything good at all? Well, we got to see some wookies, I guess.. and very little C3PO and only a second or so of Jar Jar. The Windu v Palpatine and Yoda V Palpatine fights were pretty good I must admit, but the main fight between "Annie" and Kenobi was too fancy for it's own good.

This is one movie best to be forgotten quickly.

In much better news, seems Richard Linklater is making a film of Phillip K Dick's masterpiece A Scanner Darkly.

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