Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Splendour 2005

Made it back from another brilliant Splendour in the Grass festival more or less intact. A brilliant time was had by all.. short list of highlights:

  • Awesome apartment that Phanna found! 4 bedroom penthouse, HUUGE living area with ~8m ceilings, courtyard opens up to the golf course
  • Mylinh's friends Peter and Brandon been mistaken for members of "the band"
  • Discovering our neighbours were Sydney band "Decoder Ring" who would jam out in their courtyard in the mornings... brilliant!!!
  • Awesome weather - literally shorts and t-shirts

And that was all BEFORE the music! Top acts were:

  • Decoder Ring (not just coz they were our neighbours!) Awesome set. Really interesting electo/funk/rock
  • Scribe, briliant kiwi outfit, the MC was one of the best rappers I've ever heard. Very good freestyler, called himself the "Sonny Bill Williams of Hip Hop"! :)
  • HILLTOP HOODS! was really looking forward to seeing these guys and they didn't let me down. Brilliant set, audience was really into it, never before had I heard an entire audience "rap" along to a full song (Nosebleed Section). Incredible atmosphere..
  • The Brothers Finn. Can't go wrong. Once again the ENTIRE audience was singing along to the old Enz and House hits.. Special moment when they dedicated "Four Seasons" to Paul Hester.
  • MOBY! really didn't expect much but he played a really pumped up set. Lots of stuff from Play as well as a few new ones. His tribute to Aussie "doofs" (outback dance parties) was tops. You could feel the bass pounding throug the ground and coming through your feet! A great way to finish off the weekend.

Quote of the event goes to Moby : (After apologising for the US Government) "as you know your good friend Mr John Howard is having sex with the President in the White House at the moment.."

oh, and despite having perfect weather (warm, dry days, though the nights were pretty cold) the ground was almost as muddy as last time. My poor boots got a good 6" of mud on them... of course the girls decided to go wearing slippers/thongs.. it wasn't pretty.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Emiliana Torrini

Is my favourite new singer.. Not sure where I heard her song "Sunny Road" for the first time, maybe on DiG, maybe on the js.. but it's a brilliant song... I'm not sure what it is with me and Icelandic artists, it just seems that they produce more than their fair share of brilliant music.. (Interesting trivia, Emiliana wrote Kylie's #1 hit "Slow" - I've never heard of it, so wouldn't know.)

There is a really good docco on PBS called Iceland : The Future of Sound, which explores the "...small, isolated country produces some of the most innovative pop music on the planet."

Thursday, July 7, 2005

London Explosions

Seems like it's some form of coordinated attack..

Considering the explosions were in buses and tubes then it's hardto believe that casualties aren't high...

Seems to have happened around the place where we were staying inLondon last year, around King's Cross, Tavistock Place andRussel Square...

There seems to be sense of deja vu about this whole event... it startsoff with confusion and thinking it's an accident, followed by the realisationthat something has gone terribly wrong...