Sunday, August 21, 2005

Aeon Flux

After Chunga mentioned the release of the trailer, I went off and had a squiz.

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man.. I'm not really impressed with what I've seen. Fair enough, the storyline of Aeon (where it exists) is pretty haphazard, and probably not suited to a film.. but what have they done??? Looks like they've decided to rip off The Matrix and 1984.. but wait! Didn't The Island beat them to the punch??

Aeon Flux has the elements of a great story in it.. just needed a good script. The idea of Monica and Bregna seperated by a Berlin Wall style de-limitarized zone.. where people can see how the "other side" live is a great starting point. Add to that Aeon, the amoral assassin.. she doesn't fight for freedom or justice.. she just wants to destroy Trevor Goodchild's perfect creation.. the idea of an anarchic state and a perfect utopia (well, dictatorship) side by side.. struggling for mindshare... Reducing Aeon to the same old "small band of rebels against the big evil government" story just screams of lazyness and Hollywood's fear of doing something truly original...

Compare the plot of film with the short "War" (where Aeon gets killed in the first minute, and the story followers her killer, then his killer and so on)... Aeon Flux was daring TV, this is lazy film.

Things I DID like? Theron does a decent job of Aeon's voice, even though she obviously can't move like Aeon can.. The look of Bregna is right.. the version of Cybil and Onan's "wall run" looks pretty cool too. Now if they can just fit the Demiurge story somewhere.. :)

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