Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Hey, nice coat...

So it's been more than a week since I FINALLY got to see Sin City. Easily the most highly anticipated movie (by me anyway) in a long, long time. So did it live up to expectations? Damn straight it did! Expectations were met, exceeded and then stomped all over. This film has set a new bar for comic adaptations, and proven that noir is alive and well (just not that common).

Robert Rodriguez's adaptation of Frank Miller's stories The Hard Goodbye (Marv's last hurrah), The Big Fat Kill (the Old Town hookers vs Jackie Boy vs the Mob) and That Yellow Bastard (the Hartigan/Nancy/Yellow Bastard story) have captured the essense of Sin City on film like it was always meant to be on cellulite.

The look of the film is just perfect beyond words. The settings and mood are taken directly from the pages of the comics, and the digital backlot only helps focus attention on the performances. This isn't comic-meets-hollywood like X-Men or Spiderman. This is real PULP, but on the screen. The stark colouring and minimalist sets really drive that point home. The Opening sequence with Harnett and Shelton really sets the mood and style of the film. Never seen a better opening for a movie.

The performances were uniformly brilliant. Micky Rourke was just malevolence incarnate as Marv. Jessica Alba just oozed sex appeal that you could almost taste. Elijah Wood's Kevin was a brilliantly realised evil. Rosario Dawson and Devon Aoki captured Gail and (Deadly Little) Miho to such perfection that I can't imagine anyone else doing the part. That's not to mention anything of Willis, Owen, Del Toro and the rest of the huge cast.

I know people have criticised the movie for it's voilence. Sure, it's violent.. but it's so over the top that it just blends into the atmosphere of Sin City rather than beign the main feature. In fact I found some of it quite funny (specially the scenes with Jackie Boy's head)... I copped a few strange looks from my fellow film-goers for that, I recall.

This film will go down in history, I have no doubt. It won't be the next Pulp Fiction, I don't think.. but it damn well should be.

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