Sunday, September 4, 2005


I was going to write up a big opinion piece on Katrina but thought better hold off until more details become clear. But what is already clear is that it is a massive disaster and much worse than it should have been.

There are already many people pointing fingers and laying blame.. I've been following a few items on the Counter Punch newsletter/blog, and saw an article that was particularly interesting - How New Orleans Was Lost.. I guess it closely reflects something of what I was thinking.. though I know that the Iraq war is by no means the only or even main reason for the state of the disaster..

The other article that grabbed my attention was The U.S. Needs to Start Over - Failing at War, Peace and Dignity.. This reflects some more of my feelings that the social welfare system and the State have let down the most needy in American society..

Every American city harbors millions of people with high rates of unemployment, low incomes, poor housing, no health insurance, low levels of education. In the United States 25 percent of our children are raised in poverty. Nearly 50 million people have no health insurance.

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