Monday, September 12, 2005

I Met Joss!

Well, not so much "meet" as such as be in the same room.. and room in the sense of a big movie theatre, but you get the idea.. :) Either way, it was bloody fantastic to see the final cut of Serenity with all the fancy FX in place, and have a nice Q&A session with Joss...

Lots of good questions.. his answers were always funny and informative... One answer the audience liked in particular was his reponse to the "five people on an island" one.. Joss' five were Jane Austen, Caligula (or was it Cicero), himself, Emma Thompson and George (W.) Bush - "because we need something to eat".. needless to say the audience went nuts..

The final cut of Serenity was a lot better than the version I had seen a few months ago.. it's a very, very good movie... and everyone should see it. :)

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