Sunday, October 9, 2005

Andrew Olle Media Lecture

I've just finished watching a broadcast of this years Andrew Olle Media Lecture, presented by the multi-talented John Doyle. I have seen a few Olle lectures, and must say that this stands head and shoulders above anything else. Doyle (or Rampaging Roy Slaven, if you prefer) covered a number of topics, covering everything from the blandness of commercial media, the rejection of elite opinion, string theory (!), evolution, religion, human rights, economic rationalism and terrorism.

Doyle was funny as always, and there were many times when you could feel the audience torn between serious concern and outright laughter. He so carefully and effectively poked fun at the stupidity of media and society that it WAS hard to know if to laugh or cry.

Of course it wouldn't be right for me to let his Buffy comment go without a mention - he used Buffy in a list of TV shows which were indicative of the wastes of western civilisation.. I'm assuming that he's never actually seen Buffy, becuase I think he would find a lot in common between his world-view and that of Joss.

I have quoted a snippet of his speech below, of his view of the ABC and where it fits in :

So that when the commercial media is dictated to by myopic intrusive ownership and ill-informed populism, is forced through thoughtless need to make irresponsible programs that lack both style and substance, caresses inflammatory and cheap, nasty demagoguery that seeks to marginalize the already marginalized, that seeks to describe the world in simple terms, provide simple solutions to complex problems and is purely a servant to fiscal outcomes, then the ABC will always seem to aggravate, annoy and frustrate and it.s precisely when the ABC is doing this that it is serving its charter.

The ABC have put up a transcript and audio (MP3) of Doyle's address. This should be compulsory reading/listening.

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