Friday, October 7, 2005

Last week

If you are reading this blog you probably already know this, but I'm leaving IBM after just over a year. It seems like yesterday when I blogged that I applied for and got a job at IBM. And not too long ago I remember blogging about leaving Proxima. So maybe this blog thing is useful after all..

Anyways, I will be starting my new role at Dimension Data on the 17th. I knew DiData was in the right headspace when I read "The Campus is built around a cricket Oval and is surrounded by a nine-hole mashie golf course" on their company information page... Well, OK that's not the ONLY reason.. but still..

The last few weeks I have been busy wrapping up the various projects I'm doing and handing over my SME/focal point tasks to various people. My buddy Faiyaz is getting the honour of being the CIRATS focal point, which I know he absolutely LOVES (right, dude?) :) It's amazing the number of little things that I have to wrap up after only 12 months here, and the amount of stuff that lives in my head that I need to write down... yeesh..

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