Monday, November 28, 2005

I Love You Emiliana!!

Just got back from seeing Emiliana at The Metro. What an amazing gig. Emiliana is gorgeous, sweet, funny, chatty, cute, gorgeous, enchanting, captivating.. oh, and she can sing too. AND play the ding-dong.... Her look reminded me a bit of a younger Dervla Kirwan.. hmm, I think I'm gushing.

The night started off with The Devestations. Which reminded me a lot of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Much the same brooding vibe.. but with some awesome guitar solos on the louder songs... unfortunately some of the quieter, slower melancholy songs (which was most of them) were ruined by a talkative crowd...

Anyways, on came Emiliana.. and she was really nervous. I man really. She said it was the biggest audience she's played to (Metro holds about 1,200 people I think). Anyways she broke into a few songs and the nerves dissapeared. Pretty soon she was cracking jokes about rubing her panties in a guys face and checking out cameltoe in Texas (long story).

She was absolutely goegeous in a little white/pink dress, looking very tiny next to a big microphone (I think I'm gushing again)... She would often tell a little story about the song before starting it (like about her best friend who inspired Heartstopper and wanting to write a love song on a summers day which lead to SummerBreeze or spending a summer bumming in London eating Haagen Dazs).. oh andshe told a cute story about her fear of doing encores after a gig in Scotland.. all very cute and funny.. she had the whole place laughing.

It was clear she really gets into the zone when performing.. I thought shewas going to cry during Fisherman's Woman, which isn't surprising consideringit's heartbreakingly sad...

In the end, there was no doubt, it was one of the best shows I've seen this year.. she's an incredible performer and I'll be first in line for the next time she's in Sydney.

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