Wednesday, December 7, 2005


It's funny, when I started this blog the main idea was to write up stuff about events that were important so that I can look back and go "whoa! I remember that!". Like this entry I wrote about after Georgie W decided that the war in Iraq was "over"... 2000 us casualties later...

Anyways, my whole point is that when big, interesting things are happening in your life you don't actually get time to blog. Or even think about blogging.. coz I realised that I had not even once mentioned the fact that I was looking for a new apartment, or that JC (my new flatmate) and I had found a place, NOR that I had started moving in..

So, to summerise the last few months of this story into a few sentances. I've been thinking of moving out for a while, and when my buddies Chi and JC decided to move I thought I'd go in with them.. but then the whole job change thing happened and I decided to hold off.. meanwhile Chi got cold feet (and a big mortgage) so he pulled out so JC and I decided to partner up.. (hmmmm this is sounding like an episode of Days of our Lives)..

JC and I were looking around Pyrmont (it was the only area we had in common) and were looking at ~5 places each week for 4 weeks.. we were getting pretty frustrated at this stage, so when we saw a good place in Harvey St, we decided to put a deposit down and up the rent by $10 as well. We were REALLY sick of looking. The spot was pretty good too...

Few days later we got the good news and we got the keys on the 28th of Nov.. been slowly moving stuff in and furnishing it, and will be moving in proper next weekedn. yay!!

Pics to follow.

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