Friday, January 27, 2006

Gigs Galore

Went to two very different gigs the last two days... both were very awesome too..

On Tuesday I went to see the Brodsky Quartet at Angel Place as part of the Sydney Festival. I had never heard any of their performances before, but knew that they had a big reputation... On the night they did not play any of the traditional string quartet repertoire (well, I guess you can consider Janacek "traditional"), but instead the program consisted of works by Sculthorpe, Janacek, Sally Beamish, Percy Grainger and Andrew Ford. Sculthorpe and Ford were both present at the performance as well. Australian soprano Jane Edwards sang the pieces by Granger, Ford and Beamish.

I must say this is the most unusual string quartet performance I've ever been to. The music, specially that of Sculthorpe is very dramatic and sometimes was simply sound effects played on strings. I found the pieces to be very technical and could appreciate them from a distance but was never emotionally involved with the music, so I guess I have mixed feeling about the whole show... I LIKE my Canon in D. :)

On Wednesday, xtn and I went to see the White Stripes, and BOY what a show it was. The Horden Pavillion was packed to the rafters by the time Jack and Meg stepped out. Meg looking absolutely gorgeous in her usual white jeans and red top and Jack looking like he stepped out from the set of a Tim Burton movie.

They put out an amazing sound and presense for just two people. Meg is pretty much always behind the drums, but Jack dances around with his guitar and sits at the piano (he switches between piano and guitar in the same song).. They played quite a few of the hits from Elephant as well as a punk rock version of Hotel Yorba.. of course the crowd went off during the big songs.. they did a bunch of songs from Satan but only the hard core followers were singing along to that.

The thing I will take away from the gig however, is the mythology they have about them. Everything from the set, the whole Adam and Eve thing and the apple (and as Xtn noticed - Jack dancing around Meg as she sang, re-creating the whole temptation of Eve thing). There wasn't any banter between songs either (they usually started the next song while the notes from the last song still hung in the air). Anyways, very memorable gig indeed. Definately go see them live, if you get the chance.

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