Monday, January 2, 2006

Near Years 05/06

It had been decided earlier (and NOT by us, let me add) that JC and I were hosting the folks for a new years eve party... having no choice we opened the door to all the riff-raff that we could invite (I mean that literally, the door buzzer thing wasn't working properly)... I think there were about 30 people at the height of the party, which wasn't as bad/crowded as I thought the place would be. Pretty sooon everyone was suitably boozed up and playing various games of pictionary (abandoned after one game), Poker, Xbox and spin the bottle. I kid you not.

We watched the 2100 fireworks from our front balcony but headed down to Pyrmont point for the midnight ones. We had a pretty good view, but unfortunately the wind was from the east and obscured the bridge and some of the fireworks with smoke. I never realised just how MUCH smoke the fireworks generate.

Anyways, after that it was back to the apartment for more driking and snacks. Somewhere in here JC mixed up the sugar and salt and we ended up taking taquila shots with sugar! THAT was an experience. We also drank some absolutely horribile Chinese sprit that burned my throat all the way down... After all this excessive drining my dear co-host decided to get comatose and passed out on his bed. Only to be violated by the guys and have love letters written on his body by Yui.

The last folks headed off at about 5am just as the Sun was coming up, poor Phi and Duong who were crashing here coz of field day the next day only got about 4 hours of sleep. Blame Nhi for not leaving earlier, guys. :)

So that was new years eve. New years day was an absolute shocker with temperatures hitting 45 degrees!!! It was dreadful! I went to Newington, turned up the AC and slept for about 5 hours! Then a cold change roared in later at night and dropped the temp by 20 degrees!

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