Monday, January 16, 2006


Big weeknd, this last weekend. Still feeling pretty seedy, infact.. Started on Friday night at Bar Europa for My-Linh's farewell (yet another person heading to London).. had a few drinks there till about 7:30 and then headed out to James Squire Brewery to catch up with some old mates from Proxima. It's amazing how little (and how much) has changed. It felt just like the good old days.. missed Mariusz, Sherali and Jonathan, tho.. This went on till the wee hours of the morning and ended up with Pete and Mel crashing at my place in Pyrmont... We had brekky nearby, with your correspondent feeling less than stellar.

After some more attempted sleeping and feeling sorry for one's self, I napped till 9pm(!!) and was about 2 hours late to Chunga's b'day(sorry Chunga!).. I was very pointedly keeping away from alcohol that night and still managed to have a good time! I remember much Habibs was consumed and spread amongst the faithful. Then headed home at about 2am (?) to Newington.. got there and noticed folks were watching a match on TV (Foxtel Digital is EVIL!) so I decided to watch that through till 5am!!!

By this stage Y.T. was very, very seedy. I somehow managed to make my way to Pyrmont and got cleaned up and made it to Myle's surprise party early! So proud of my self. A couple of double shot black coffees later, I was actually able to keep my eyes open for more than 10 seconds! Everyone had a great time having good food (mussels!) and beer and stuff. Except for me. No beer for me. :( We played "dodge the bird shit" for a while and wrapped up later in the arvo. This was at The Oaks in Neutral Bay, BTW.

Some of us (Mey, Nhi, Q1, Q2 and myself) headed to Colour Me Mine and tried our hand at painting ceramics... ended up at Pyrmont (via Newtington!) by about 10pm. Watched cricket, tried to sleep, without much luck.

Turned up to work in the pouring rain (left umbrella at work on Friday!). Great start. So yup, still feeling seedy.

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